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Menegment system

Since 2015, JSC Machine-tool plant “Krasny Borets « an integrated management system that combines the quality management system (QMS), environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health management system (OSS) has been operating.

 In 2018, the transition to the new standards STB ISO 9001-2015 and STB ISO 14001-2017 was made, after which the specialists of NP RUP “BelGISS’, Minsk, conducted the certification audit, the outcome of which was the presentation of JSC machine-tool plant “Krasny Borets» certificates of conformity in the National system of conformity and the German accreditation system (certificate No BY/112 00077, BY/112 00088, BY/112 00087).

 The integrated management system covers the development, production and maintenance of metal-cutting machines and forging equipment, aimed at further ensuring high quality and competitiveness of products under safe working conditions and minimal impact on the environment.

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