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Обращения директора

Директор завода Красный Борец
Collective of the plant is proud of its history and production, and first of all of its quality and reliability

Today RUPE “Machine-tool plant “Krasny borets” is a prominent manufacturer of metal working equipment not only in Belarus but also in all the post Soviet area (in the C.I.S. countries). Trade mark (brand) “Krasny borets” is well known in more than 110 countries of the world where the machines of our enterpise have been delivered to since 60-s of the past century and are still successfully delivered. We passed from the narrow specialization to the production of quite a various purpose. We produce serially crank presses with nominal force 80 and 140 tons, knee-type milling machines with dirrerent grade of equipping and automation, bending machines, drilling-milling machines, sharpeners, electromagnetic chucks, big range of auxiliary equipment and attachments, consumer goods side by side with production of conventional precision surface grinding and special machines including ones for creep feed grinding.

Today our production is manufactured in accordance with European quality norms and equipped according to different commodity markets requirements with electric components of world famous foreign companies, such as “SIEMENS”, “MITSUBISHI”, “TELEMECANIQUE”, “HITACHI”, “BALLUFF”, also according to Customer`s desire. The plant disposes of a good production base for manufacturing various high-precision accurate equipment both of universal and special purpose.

Plant specialists are not used to stop at what has been achieved and they try to march in step with the time, conduct the new elaborations of production taking into account the inquiries of each concrete consumer.

So, according to the order of the firm "Niles-Simmons" (Germany) in 2009 the plant manufactured 5 internal grinding machines model OSH-636.2.F3 with CNC for operation in automatic line and now we produce a large range of grinding machines, serial and special ones including not only surface grinding but also round and internal grinding machines.

Nowadays the process of production of two internal grinding semiautomatic machines with CNC mod. OSH-651F3 with center distance as a component of automatic line for machining wheel pairs of railway coaches is going on. Machines are equipped with transport system for automatic loading – unloading the parts. Five co-ordinates profile grinding semiautomatic machine with CNC model OSH-620.7.F3 for machining complicated profiles of gas-turbine motors blades is manufactured.

In the nearest time it is planned to create the range of thread-grinding machines (for outside and internal machining).

Manufacturing the internal grinding equipment for machining the internal profile surfaces in parts "yoke" of hydraulic pumps and special semiautomatic machines for machining the root and crankpin necks, cams of distribution shafts of explosion engines is elaborated.

Perspective direction of researches and elaborations plans to create horizontal and vertical machining centers of portal grinding machines for processing tools and dies, grinding equipment for realization of integral technology of machining high-loaded parts of gas-turbine motors.

Successively working commodity distribution network in Europe gives the opportunity to withstand the competitors in the EC countries and develop new markets in the countries of the Near East, South Africa and countries of Latin America.

Specialists of the plant have been constantly researching and working out the needs of markets in metal working equipment to attract for co-operation the new distributors able to provide the machines realization and servicing.

The following categories of competitiveness assist in success of production promotion to export:

  • qualitative service;
  • optimum delivery terms;
  • high quality with adequate cost;
  • strict correspondence of technical characteristics;
  • high productivity.

General competitiveness is supported by high qualification of engineer-technical staff capable to elaborate the most complex technologies of the modern level which are equipped with components of the famous European producers.

Production of the plant corresponds to requirements of International and European standards, has certified system of quality management meeting the demands of international standards ISO of series 9000 and certificate on system of environment control ISO series 14000. For more than 6 years the enterprise has the right to mark its production with CE marking.

That is why, we are always open for cooperation with the consumers of our production in different regions of the world, creation of new elaborations of high-tech efficient and competitive equipment and know exactly what kind of equipment our customer needs.