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Обращения директора

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Director of OJSC Machine-tool plant  “Krasny borets”

Collective of the plant is proud of its history and production, and first of all of its quality and reliability

Machine-tool plant “Krasny borets” is a whole landmark of domestic machine building, one of the largest in the post Soviet space  machine building leader  in production of metal working equipment.

    Chronicle of the plant numbers lots of glorious traditions, resulted from selfless labour of all generations of workers. 

        Today the plant disposes of an excellent production base for manufacturing the most diverse high precision equipment of universal as well as of special purpose.

        The plant specialists are not used to stop at what has been accomplished and they keep abreast of the times, develop new elaborations of production taking into account the requirements of each concrete user.

        Successful co-operation with leading enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, close integration with machine building branches of the Russian Federation and C.I.S. countries allows to create complex special machines and semiautomatic machines analogues of which are not produced in the  Republic of Belarus.

        We are always open for co-operation in creation of new elaborations of highly productive equipment.

        OJSC Machine-tool plant “Krasny borets” continues to develop, aimed at success and is sure in its future.