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    The semiautomatic machine is designed for plunge-cut grinding of metric threaded surfaces of "Shaft" and "Shaft-gear" type parts with a multirib abrasive grinding wheel.

       In the layout of the semiautomatic device, the principle of a cylindrical grinding machine is applied with the presence of longitudinal and transverse wheelhead travels relative to the rotating workpiece. The headstock, tailstock and workpiece supports are mounted on the base surfaces of the semiautomatic machine stationary table.

     The workpieces processing on a semiautomatic machine is carried out in the centers of the headstock and tailstock by the method of plunge-cut grinding due to the longitudinal and transverse movement of the grinding wheel (coordinate X) and rotation of the workpiece relative to the center axis (coordinate A). Processing is done in 1-2 turns of the part.

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  • CNC system Sinumerik 840Dsl with servo drives Sinamics 120.
  • Linear and circular feedback sensors of the firm «Fagor» over programmable coordinates – wheel head cross travel is coordinate X, - sleds with wheel head longitudinal travel is coordinate Z, - wheel head angular turn in vertical plane (turn of thread inclination angle) is coordinate A, - machined part rotation is coordinate C.
  • Electric cabinet of own production with refrigerating plant of the firm «Rittal».
  • High precision gapless ball-screw transmissions for longitudinal travel of sleds, cross travel of wheel head.
  • Touch sensitive tool of the firm «Renishаw».
  • Enclosure of working zone of “cabinet type”.
  • Frequency adjustment of wheel head spindle revolutions.
  • Contactless transducers and limit switches of the firm «Balluff».
  • Closed roller linear guide ways.
  • High precision angular ball bearings for work head spindle and wheel head rotary axis.
  • Contour dressing by diamond roller from headstock mechanism.
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  • Length of the workpiece to be installed
    570 mm
  • Outer diameter of the workpiece to be installed
    280 mm
  • Grinding wheel diameter
    400 mm
  • Grinding wheel height
    32 mm
  • Grinding wheel bore diameter
    203 mm
  • Main drive power
    4,0 kw
  • Cutting speed
    25...35 m/s
  • Controllable number of coordinates
  • Workpiece rotation frequency
    0.1...100 rpm
  • Diamond roller dimensions Dxdxh
    100x52x36 mm
  • Maximum grinding wheel transverse movement (coordinate X)
    300 mm
  • Maximum grinding wheel longitudinal movement (coordinate Z)
    550 mm
  • Workhead transverse and longitudinal feeds speed limits
    0.01...7000 mm
  • Discreteness of the specified travels along the X and Z coordinates
    1 mcm
  • Discreteness of the specified travels along the A coordinate (headstock spindle)
    3.6 sec
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2800 x 3500 x 2600 mm
  • Mass
    4200 kg
  • Device of machined parts blow-off. This option includes a special gun with polyvinyl pipe through which air from outward network is supplied under pressure. Air feed is realized onto block installed on machine bed and further on to the gun which is located on the front surface of bed in the zone of operator’s location. The operator can produce machined parts blow-off  by compressed air from table or electromagnetic chuck by pressing the gun lever.

  • Unit for coolant-lubricant feed and its treatment.

  • Plant for aerosol exhaust from the machining zone.

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