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29 st. Friedrich Engels,
c.Orsha RB

Clauses of plant's experts

09 / 09 / 2020

The plant is well-equipped for producing precision equipment of high quality which meets the requirements of the world market.
There are about 570 workers and engineering staff work at the plant, who have rich experience in production, adjustment and testing of the equipment.
The plant has been exporting its machine-tools since 1960 and now they operate in more than 110 countries of the world. Main trade partners of the plant are the
organizations and firms of Russia, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Syria, France, Egypt, Italy, Finland, Iran, Greece and others.
According to the results of work in the field of quality the plant and the range of articles were awarded by prestigious awards:
-The Republic of Belarus Government Bonus for achievements in the field of quality (2000, 2003, 2006);
-The Republic of Belarus Ministry of Industry Bonus for achievements in the field of quality (2003, 2006);
- Machine mod. 3D711AF10-1, machine mod. 3D711VF11, OSH-400, Orsha-F32SH, Orsha-60120 - award "The Best goods of the Republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation";
- Machine mod. OSH-400, Orsha-F32SH, Orsha-F32U, OSH-550 3D711VF11, OSH-636 F3, TSH-2 are the prize-winners of the contest "The Best goods of the Republic of Belarus".