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Clauses of plant's experts

28 / 08 / 2020

Mechanical shops became the offset of Orsha machine-tool plant “Krasny borets”. They were founded and built on the bank of the river Orshitsa in 1900 by Orsha petty bourgeois I.B. Slavinsky and S.P. Yasinsky. The plant started its history from this very moment.
The first products of mechanical shops were barrels, cisterns, machines and apparatuses for mills and distilleries, stock of agriculture. Shops developed quite quickly and by 1914 they had grown into a small plant. The plant became the main metal working enterprise of the town of Orsha which in 1928 got the name “Mechanical and iron foundry “Krasny borets”. 

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During the years of industrialization the plant developed impetuously and by 1941 had grown into large industrial enterprise for repairs and manufacturing the agricultural machinery, production of spare parts for them, machine-tool equipment and consumer goods. 

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The Great Patriotic War interrupted the peaceful labour of plant workers. In the beginning of July 1941 the plant was brought to a stop, the main equipment was dismounted and removed to the town of Rezh of Sverdlovsk region together with the part of workers and their families where in the shortest possible time the output of ammunition for the front needs was arranged.
In 1945 the restoration of completely damaged plant started, where the output of jointing, mortising-milling and drilling machines was arranged.
15 accountable tasks for the largest new building works of the country – Kujbyshevskaya and Kakhovskaya hydraulic electric stations, Volga-Don and Main Turkmen canals were executed in 1951. The nomenclature of output production became wider and created peat extraction mechanized complexes advanced in popularity in economies of Soviet republics.


It is accepted that the modern history of the plant started in 1959 when the first surface grinding machine model 3Б71 was developed and produced. A new era in the history of the plant has started since this period – output of surface grinding machines of high and extra high accuracy. And the plant has been called as a machine-tool plant since and the production of “Krasny borets” has got a worldwide reputation.
In 1966 surface grinding machine of extra high accuracy model 3711 was awarded with the Golden Medal, and in 1967 it was the first one among the metal cutting machines in the USSR to be honoured with the State quality mark.
The history of the foreign deliveries started in 1961 when the first production lot with Orsha mark was shipped to India.
For the great contribution to development of machine building Orsha machine-tool plant “Krasny borets” was awarded with the Order of the Labour Red Banner in 1971.
In the nineties such trends as output of machines of laser cutting, stone processing equipment, machines of small mechanization (sharpeners, abrasive cutting-off, bending machines), wood working machines and tools, equipment for repair works in the railway, crank presses, electromagnetic chucks, hydraulic pumps got progress in the plant. But together with all this, the course to production of grinding precision machines was pursued permanently.