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  Machine is designed for grinding the flat and profile surfaces (slots, shoulders, etc.) and also grinding by wheel face with vertical feed.
  When attachment for circular grinding is installed, external circular grinding of cylindrical, corbelled parts and faces is possible.
  Field of machine use is single and small branch production.
  Machine has manual control over three axes by means of handwheels (longitudinal – Х, cross - Z and vertical - Y).
    Base of machine is a cast bed on top plane of which closed linear guide ways are installed over which table travels in longitudinal direction. Table travel is realized by means of rack toothing by handwheel manually.
- grinding wheel rotation;
- table longitudinal travel;
- carriage vertical travel;
-  wheel head cross travel;
-  wheel head rotation by +450…- 150;
- rotation of work piece during circular grinding.

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  • Manual control over three axes by hand wheels
  • Possibility of additional equipping of attachment for circular grinding
  • Machine base is a cast bed
  • Technical specifications
  • Design description
  • Delivery set
  • Options
  • Video
  • Reference-list
  • Reviews
  • Machine accuracy class
  • Article work piece dimension
    300 x 200 x 80 mm
  • Table mirror width
    200 mm
  • Table mirror length
    300 mm
  • Flatness
    4 mkm
  • Parallelism
    5 mkm
  • Roughness of surface machined by wheel periphery, Ra
    0,16 Ra
  • Table working feeds
    manual control
  • Wheel head working feeds
    manual control
  • Compound slide working feeds
    manual control
  • Compound slide maximum travels
    220 mm
  • Table maximum travels
    310 mm
  • Maximum distance between table mirror and spindle axis
    300 mm
  • Grinding wheel diameter
    150 mm
  • Grinding wheel height
    20 mm
  • Grinding wheel bore diameter
    32 mm
  • Main drive power
    1,1 kw
  • Grinding spindle terminus as per GOST 2424-83, diameter
    25 mm
  • Dimensions of Т-shaped slot as per GOST 1574-91
    10 mm
  • Grinding spindle rotation frequency
    4360 Rpm
  • Mass with pedestal and attachments
    533 kg
  • Overall dimensions with pedestal (length x width x height)
    950 x 790 x 1710 mm
  • Mass
    440/533 kg

  Machine has a manual control over three axes by hand wheel (longitudinal travel – X, cross travel – Z and vertical travel - Y).
  Machine base is a cast bed, on top plane of which close linear guide ways are installed over which the table travels in longitudinal direction.
   Table travel is realized by rack toothing by hand wheel manually.
   On rear plane of the bed the column is mounted over close linear guide ways of which carriage travels in vertical direction. Carriage travel is realized by worm-and-wheel [worm reduction] gearbox with hand wheel manually.
   Wheel head travels over close linear guide ways of carriage in cross direction. Travel of wheel head is realized by screw pair by means of hand wheel manually.
   Wheel head consists of a plate fastened on carriages of close linear guide ways of carriage, and body with grinding wheel spindle fastened on the plate.
     Body with spindle has an opportunity of rotation by +450…- 150 by worm toothing which allows to produce machining of slots, chamfers and shoulders angularly. Flanges with grinding wheel are installed on the front end of spindle.
   Grinding wheel is protected by the housing.
     Rotation of grinding wheel is realized by induction electric motor through polyvee belt drive. Spindle rotation frequency is constant.
     Grinding wheel dressing is produced by dresser diamond of the dressing device installed on the table.

- machine assembled;
- set of operational-technical documentation;
- set of spare parts and attachments;
- wrench И90-2 7812-0342 (А=42) – 1 pc.;
- arbour for grinding wheel static balancing - 1 pc.;
- wrenches GOST 11737-93: 7812-0375 (S=6) – 1 pc.; 7812-0376 (S=8) – 1 pc.

  • - attachment for circular grinding OSH-2030. Attachment consists of chuck installed on the table, headstock and tailstock mounted on the chuck. Headstock is fastened on chuck motionlessly and consists of body in which spindle is mounted on high precision rolling bearings. There is a hole with cone Morze 2 in the front part of spindle. Pulley is installed from behind onto conic surface of the spindle. Spindle rotation is realized from induction electric motor through polyvee belt drive. Tailstock is fastened on the chuck by wedge-like clamp arms. Tailstock consists of body in which poppet sleeve with hole for cone Morze 2 is mounted. Poppet sleeve travel onto clamp of workpiece is realized by spring and retraction – by handle. Machine, grinding wheel and attachment headstock spindle switching on is realized from the control panel installed on the front plane of the bed.

  • - pedestal OSH-2030.; Pedestal is designed for machine and cooling tank installation on it, for storage of attachments, tools and auxiliary materials and accessories.

  • - unit of coolant-lubricant OSH-2030.; Unit of coolant-lubricant is designed for coolant-lubricant feed to machining zone and collecting it into reservoir. The device consists of tank with volume of 30 l, pump, delivery tray. The upper part of tank is closed by covers on one of which the pump with productivity 10 l/min is installed, on the other – the delivery tray. There is a neck for coolant-lubricant discharge in the bottom part of the tank, eyelets for visual control of coolant-lubricant level in the tank are installed on the sidewall of the tank.

  • - magnetic chuck OSH-2030.; Magnetic chuck is fastened on working surface of machine table and designed for installation and fixation of machined parts during grinding.

Year of purchase
SC “Gasstroydetal”, Tula, Russia
“Belstanko” Ltd., Moscow, Russia
“KMK” Ltd., Klin, Russia
Firm “Belarusian machines”, Smolensk, Russia

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