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Semi-automatic machine for diamond electrochemical grinding with CNC model OSH-625.1. EF3 is designed for electrochemical abrasive cutting of slots in parts of heat-resistant alloys and corrosion-resistant steels without the formation of burrs.
The scope of application of the machine is serial production enterprises.
Parts are installed in the device, which is mounted on the machine table.
The kinematic diagram of the machine provides the following movements:
-         grinding wheel rotation from an induction motor with stepless rotation frequency control;
-         longitudinal table travel;
-         cross slide travel;
-         vertical grinding wheel travel;

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  • Protection of cutting zone of cabinet type.
  • Absence of diamond wheel tear and wear at the expense of electrochemical process in the machining zone.
  • Linear and circular interpolation over coordinates X, Y and Z.
  • Drives - SINAMICS.
  • CNC system SINUMERIK 828D
  • Refinement of electrolyte from suspended particles of machining by means of centrifuge.
  • Travel of driven elements on roller bearings by rolling ball –screw pairs.
  • Linear travel converters – FAGOR.
  • Wheel head bearings FAG, IBC
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  • Table mirror width
    200 mm
  • Table mirror length
    630 mm
  • Table maximum travels
    650 mm
  • Maximum distance between table mirror and spindle axis
    415 mm
  • Main drive power
    2,2 kW
  • Speed of table travel
    0,01...250 mm
  • Positioning over coordinates accuracy
    0,004 mm
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2500 x 1500 x 1900 mm
  • Mass
    2000 kg

Operates in manual control by means of CNC. Coordinate movement is carried out from the operator’s control panel by pressing the appropriate keys and using a portable remote control with an electronic handwheel.

Automatic operation by means of technological program worked out by the CNC system.

Automatic change of grinding wheel rotation direction for compliance of climb grinding conditions.

Changes grinding wheel polarity for grinding wheel clean.

It operates in direct current mode with direct and reverse polarities.

Automatically (programmatically) adjusts grinding wheel wear compensation

with a glance of value set by the operator.


The basic parts of the machine (bed, column, slide, table, grinding wheel head body) are made in the form of box-shaped foundry goods, which provides the machine with high rigidity and, accordingly, machining accuracy. The rest of the machine parts (except fasteners) having direct contact with the electrolyte which is made of stainless material.

The machine has a layout of a surface grinding machine with a cross slide, a rectangular table and a horizontal spindle. All traveling units are mounted on rolling guides. Table - cross slide, cross slide - bed - on roller guides, the left U - shaped guide is assembled with a preload.

The column is on roller guides assembled with preload. Screw-nut rolling gears are used for traveling along all three coordinates X, Y, Z. Electrolyte supply system tank with a centrifuge is situated on the left side of the machine. On the right side in front of the machine there is an electrical cabinet with a CNC system. There is a source of technological current at the right rear.

The machine is also equipped with individual lighting of the working area.


-         Protection of the cabinet type cutting zone, protection against splashing

-         The inability to conduct the process of electrochemical grinding with the open door.

-         It is possible to install indicating gage for monitoring accuracy parameters.

-         Possibility and convenience for installation, equipment adjustment, good visibility from the ends (presence of doors) and from the front surface.

-         The inner surfaces of the cutting zone protection are not painted.


- The composition of the electrolyte is salts aqueous solution (sodium nitrate

NaNOs (6%), sodium nitrite NaNO2 (0.5%), sodium carbonate Na2CO3

(0.5%)) and glycerol (2%). It is possible to work with others in chemical composition electrolyte. The electrolyte density is 1.09 ... 1.11 g.cm3;

- Electrolyte feed to the treatment zone method is jet through a flexible nozzle;

- Electrolyte flow regulation method is manual. For flow setting there is a valve with gradation;

- Machine parts are directly in contact with electrolyte which is made of elements in anti-corrosion performance;

- Electrolyte supply is realized through nozzles in 2 directions in the direction of grinding wheel rotation from 2 sides of the grinding wheel (behind the wheel and in front of the wheel).

- Electrolyte purification method is centrifuge.


 CNC system and electrical equipment:

- control system Sinumerik - 828D of the firm Siemens;

- feed drives - Sinamics servo products of the firm Siemens;

- low-voltage equipment of the firm Siemens;

- limit switches of the firm Balluff.

- main movement drive frequency converter.

- light indication system reflecting the operation of the machine.

- film type control system keyboard is of the firm Sinumerik-828D, and control panel keyboard is made with the protective covers on the buttons.


The CNC system meets the following requirements:

      - number of controlled coordinates is 3;

      - simultaneous control in X, Y, Z coordinates;

-         providing linear and circular interpolation along X, Z, Y coordinates;

-         control program input is manual, also with the help of PC or USB port;

Parameters to be regulated and maintained by the CNC system:

  - travel speed along 3 controlled coordinates;

- number of wheel revolutions.

  -automatically adjustable grinding wheel value wear compensation

with a glance of set by the operator value.

  -machine assembly;
  - electrolyte feed and purification system with a centrifuge
  - current source;
  - hydraulic power station lubrication;
  - electric cabinet, control panel and CNC system;
  - set of spare parts, tools and accessories
  - grinding wheel flanges 2pcs.
  - set of operational and technical documentation in Russian.
  - installation supports.

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