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   Machines are designed for milling of the flat and contour surfaces by all kinds of mills.
   Removable, rotary in the plane perpendicular to horizontal spindle axis, vertical milling head with spindle ISO-50 put in motion from horizontal spindle is used on multi-purpose machine.

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  • Presence of frequency control of rate of induction electric motors of the main drive and feeds drive.
  • Possibility to connect the hydraulic attachment of manufactured article clamping.
  • Travels over axes X, Y, Z have mechanized and manual drive and are realized along the hardened cast-iron guide ways of sliding.
  • Possibility of installation of the digital read-out device over coordinates X, Y, Z ; FAGOR
  • Machine has master controller “Siemens”, which controls the electrics and automatics of the machine and provides the operation in semiautomatic cycle.
  • Presence of the recoil-approach mechanism over coordinate Z and mechanisms of discrete feeds over X, Y, Z coordinates.
  • Presence of highly reliable hydraulic mechanism of tool clamping.
  • Components of electric equipment of the best world manufacturers: SIEMENS.
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  • Machine accuracy class
    Heightened precision
  • Length/ width of table working surface
    1400/320 mm
  • Milling horizontal/vertical spindles drive power
    7,5/7,5 kW
  • Table longitudinal (coordinate X) maximum travel
    840(1040) mm
  • Table cross (coordinate Y) when operating with horizontal / vertical spindle maximum travel
    320/265 mm
  • Maximum mass of installed work piece (together with mass of fixing elements)
    300 kg
  • Table longitudinal and cross (coordinates X and Y) working feed range
    25...1250 mm/min
  • Table vertical (coordinate Z) working feed range
    6...320 mm/min
  • Spindles rotation speed horizontal / vertical ranges
    25...2000/25...2000 rpm
  • Angle of turning of milling head
    +-45 degrees
  • The shortest distance from the end of the vertical spindle to the working surface of the table
    70 mm
  • The greatest distance from the end of the vertical spindle to the working surface of the table
    405 mm
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    2427 x 1890x 2060 mm
  • Mass
    3234 kg

- machine assembled;
- hydraulic unit for lubrication;
- сooling system;
- hydraulic mechanical attachment of tools gripping;  
- guarding screens of cutting zone;
- set of quick-wearing parts, tools and attachments

  • Bench vice
  • Universal indexing head
  • Set of boring arbors
  • Set of arbors and collet chucks for tools gripping  
  • Rotary table with manual and mechanized driv
  • Digital read-out device over coordinates X, Y, Z

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