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Horizontal knee-type milling machine ORSHA-F32GF3. Semiautomatic machine with CNC with table dimensions 320 x 1400 mm are designed for machining of the flat and profile surfaces of parts.

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  • The use of ball-screw pairs of rolling motion in the feed units ensures smooth, high precision, backlash-free positioning.
  • Drives of coordinate travels are realized from individual, controllable from CNC electric motors.
  • Control of travels over three coordinates (X, Y, Z).
  • CNC system SINUMERIK 828 DSL (SIEMENS), electric drives SIMODRIVE-611 (SIEMENS).
  • Rotary control panel.
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  • Length/ width of table working surface
    1400 x 320 mm
  • Maximum mass of installed work piece (together with mass of fixing elements)
    250 kg
  • Table longitudinal and cross (coordinates X and Y) working feed range
    10...5000 mm/min
  • Table vertical (coordinate Z) working feed range
    8...800 mm/min
  • Discreteness of setting of travels over coordinates X, Y and Z
    0,01 mm
  • Table maximum longitudinal travel (coordinate X)
    800 mm
  • Table maximum cross travel (coordinate Y)
    300 mm
  • Table maximum vertical travel (coordinate Z)
    320 mm
  • Limits of spindle rotation frequencies
    25...2000 rpm
  • Speed of table rapid travels in longitudinal direction (coordinate X)
    8000 mm/min
  • Speed of table rapid travels in cross direction ( coordinate Y)
    2000 mm/min
  • Speed of table rapid travels in vertical direction (coordinate Z)
    1200 mm/min
  • Milling spindle drive power
    7,5 kW
  • Maximum torgue on spindle
    1,0 kN/m
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    3000 x 2230 x 1750 mm
  • Mass
    3200 kg

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