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Internal grinding machine model OSH-636F3 is designed for grinding cylindrical and conical through and blind holes with abrasive or CBN wheels.

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  • The semiautomatic device has a layout with a traveling in the longitudinal direction wheelhead and transverse work head travel.
  • Internal surfaces grinding, as well as grinding wheel dressing on the periphery and the end face are performed using the NC control program in an automatic cycle. Precision processing parameters are provided automatically by grinding wheel cutting surfaces position compensation during the dressing process.
  • CNC system is Sinumerik 802Dsl, electric motors and controlled coordinate drives are of the firm “Siemens”.
  • Feedback sensor (along the X axis) of the firm “FAGOR”.
  • Installed internal grinding wheels dimensions. DхНхd, mm: 32х20х10; 40x40x16; 50x50x16; 63x50x20; 80x50x32;
  • Cooling system: water based coolant. Coolant cleaning by means of magnetic separator and filter - conveyor.
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  • Length of machined surfaces
    150 mm
  • Internal diameter of machined surfaces
    200 mm
  • External diameter of machined surfaces
    180 mm
  • External diameter of grinding wheel installed on semiautomatic machine
    10...63 mm
  • Internal diameter of grinding wheel installed on semiautomatic machine
    6...20 mm
  • Electric spindle rotation frequencies limits
    24000/45000 min-1
  • Work head spindle rotation frequency
    20...800 min-1
  • Axis
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
    3500 х 3700 х 2000 mm
  • Mass
    4000 kg

Working bodies travel is carried out along hardened steel guides on the rolling bearings by means of high-precision, backlash-free rolling ball screw pairs.

      The rational design of the bed, table, work head and wheelhead, made of cast iron, provide high rigidity and vibration resistance.

   The longitudinal table provides longitudinal feed when grinding holes, feed for cut-in when processing ends, oscillating movement during circular grinding, curvilinear surfaces grinding. The table travels on steel roller slideway bearings with preload in horizontal plane.

   Wheelhead body is a cast-iron casting, in the hole of which the electrospindle is mounted without backlash.

A precision high-speed electric spindle manufactured by the firm “ Fischer” is used as an internal grinding spindle.

- lubricant is oil mist.

-cooling is special water-based liquid.

- spindle rotation speed frequency control.

The workpiece work head has a rotation vertical axis (B) for processing conical surfaces. Turn is manually.

The work head spindle front support is protected by an “SKF” firm lip seal.

The device for grinding wheel dressing rigidly mounted on the transverse table allows the grinding wheel dressing along the periphery and end due to travels according to the control program (X and Z).

The machine is controlled by the CNC system from the control panel located on the right, in front of the working area. The machine was created on the basis of purchased components from Western manufacturers, which ensures its high technical level.

Sinumerik 802Dsl CNC system with a portable hand control, electric motors 1FK7, 1FT6.

To maintain the temperature regime in the cabinet, a RITTAL wall-mounted refrigeration unit is used.

The grinding working area is fenced with cabinet-type protection, in which the connection of coolant aerosols exhaust system is provided.

The protection front wall has a movable opening door with glass. The working area is illuminated by means of a lamp from Western manufacturers.

The machine has an autonomous lubrication unit.

- machine in assembly;
- coolant supply and cleaning system;
- hydraulic station;
- electrical cabinet;
- control panel with CNC system;
- three-jaw chuck;
- a set of spare parts, tools and accessories;
- a set of operational and technical documentation;

  • Touch sensor mechanism. The touch sensor allows you to determine the allowances size for a specific workpiece, and not "grind the air", with the distribution of the processing allowance automatically according to the controlled programmes using the LP2 DD sensor from "Renishaw". The mechanism is installed on the grinding head and it is a carriage travelling along the guides in the horizontal direction. Travel drive from pneumatic cylinder.

  • Universal software. The software is installed on the machine, which allows to compose control technological processing programs in the dialog mode.

  • Accessories.  At the request of the customer, the three-jaw chuck can be replaced with a membrane chuck from “SMW” company with special equipment for the customer's parts.
  • Electrospindle.  The machine can be equipped with an electric spindle with a rotation speed of up to 105,000 rpm.


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